Last NYC Show of 2015: Sat, Dec 19!

Caffe Vivaldi Flyer

2015 has been a crazy whirlwind ride of a year that has included one of the biggest shifts of my life, with my move to NYC over the summer.  Since arriving, I have immersed myself in the music scene, played out with feverish abandon, finished a new single (more on that to come!!), survived the hellish fury of living in this mammoth of a city, and met some of the most inspiring and talented people in my life.  I am so honored to say I will be playing a show to close out the year with two of these people, in the form of Shako Khiski and Luca DiFabio.  Shako brings an infectious and sweet jazzy groove to the table, while Luca brings his vintage jazz meets Freddie Mercury magnificence.  All of us got soul.  And the Caffe Vivaldi is one of the most charming and intimate venues in the boroughs.  I am truly excited for this one, and I really hope you can be part of it.

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Flyer Design:  Dave Gagne