New CD release

Hello there,

Sorry to be one of those guys that cancels shows, but the Cactus Cafe show on March 29th is officially a no-go.  Its almost embarassing to talk about, but there were some issues with the booker on the ticket pricing and it has officially been cancelled.  It really is for the best, though, as the CD release party will now be at Flipnotics, the place where I really began to discover myself as an artist in the last year.  It actually feels really right to have it there, and it feels like the culmination of an era for me.  Plus, I will be able to play a longer set and have the night on my terms.  As the old saying goes, one door closes, the window to a really cool intimate little coffeeshop opens.  Something like that.  It is tentatively scheduled for Friday, April 13th. Details are forthcoming.

On a related note, I finally picked up the CDs the other day and they look GREAT.  I’m really excited to share these babies with you.  (It does kind of feel like I gave birth to 1000 little plastic discs, although that sounds pretty painful).  Again, details are forthcoming. 

I hope this post finds you well and that you had a wonderful and inspiring South By last week.  I sure did.

See ya down the road,



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