New News!

Howdy y’all, I sincerely apologize for being a very negligent blogger and website updaterer.  That is going to change from here on out that, as I would love this to be a hub of all things Sam Hammerman-music related.  It can be a place to check out show schedules, song lyrics, or just stalk me a little bit.  And it can definitely be a place to buy my NEW ALBUM!!!  That’s right in the past quarter year or so since my last post, I have totally finished my debut record and now am just waiting on some really large and potentially dangerous machines to manufacture 1000 CDs.  I know it took a little while, but thats just how it goes sometimes.

I should also mention that a couple of months ago, I successfully funded my Kickstarter campaign!!  Thank you so much to all those that contributed, it was a really fun little journey.  The culmination will be in just a few weeks when I mail out all your CDs and other goodies!!  And the official release is still TBD, but will most certainly be sometime in March, as I work around the huge music festival behemoth known as South by Southwest.  There will be a big CD release throwdown to celebrate everything, and yes, you are definitely invited.  One show is for sure in the books this spring as I am playing my first ever show at the magical little venue, the Cactus Cafe on March 29th!!  Details are on the way, but I am super excited to grace the same stage that Townes Van Zandt, Allsion Krauss, Gillian Welch and a gazillion other awesome artists have graced.

I truly hope this post finds you well and I hope to see you down the road real soon.  🙂



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